This next set of not-so-exotic places comes from Rexburg. Population: 25, 318. Colleges: One. You don’t come to Rexburg for vacation or by accident. This is no destination wedding city. Just because we don’t have beautiful beaches with palm trees and our summers only last for three months — this little town still has some […]

An easy trip to see a beautiful something. The downtown Raleigh skyline isn’t as iconic as Manhattan or Seattle but it’s a nice sight for those of us who grew up seeing it. Here’s the secret to getting the best view: Boylan Bridge. Say goodbye to the frantic drive-by pictures as you race around the downtown […]

If you believe in spooky Urban Legends then Acid Park is a must-see in North Carolina. The legend begins on prom night back in the 60’s…Carol Simpson and her boyfriend were driving home after spending the evening tripping on acid. As they approached the five-street intersection on Wiggins Mill Rd the boyfriend took the turn […]

In case you missed the whole point of my blog, here it is! Whatever makes you happy, helps you feel accomplished, and brings a smile to your face — make sure you do it!   The End.

As you drive the NC highways you might notice a few bridges that go across the sometimes-construction-covered lanes. These bridges are connected to some of the most beautiful and quiet walks you can find in the Raleigh/Cary area. The Greenways are open as long as the sun is out & you’ll be hard-pressed to pass […]

Disney Land, New York City and the Carolina coasts all have one thing in common. You have to go. To start off my journey of “Finding Neverland” I thought I’d add one more to that list: Cook Out. This NC exclusive is a treasure trove of Southern cuisine. NC BBQ is vinegar-based and here at […]

The only way I have ever been able to do the fun things “I’ve always dreamed of doing” is by planning them! When I lived in Salt Lake City as a missionary I did some research and found amazing places to visit. Little stores, ethnic restaurants, gardens and parks, and all the touristy things you […]